The Blob

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Gigli: Threat or Menace?

It's bad enough that we lay awake sleepless worrying about what Osama bin Laden is scheming or what those pesky North Koreans are up to. But now we have Gigli, which certainly qualifies as the worst movie of the year, if not a true qualifier for the pantheon of the Top 10 worst stinkers of all time.

Don't believe me? Then check out what a collection of reviewers had to say about it. Or for a hysterically funny look at it, check out this piece from The Onion: "Gigli Focus Groups Demand New Ending In Which Both Affleck And Lopez Die." It doesn't get any better than this.

Somewhere between "Exquisitely bad" (Toronto Star) and "One of the worst movies I've ever seen" (Ebert & Roeper), Gigli achieves what few movies dare to strive for: true cult status and a future permanent place in the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Hall of Fame.

I really shouldn't be laughing at two young actors very much in love (or so I believe, so long as I don't read the tabloids). But I can't help it. Painfully bad movies like Gigli come along only once in a lifetime. So why not enjoy the moment? Perhaps the New York Times said it best when their review closed with, "Gigli opens to public ridicule at theatres nationwide this weekend."