The Blob

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Thoughts on Christmas Day

Long live the simple pleasures of life on a Christmas Day. The smell of wonderful food in the kitchen. Sentimental music playing. A day indoors on a rainy afternoon. And being with those I love.

I can't think of anything I want this day, but for happiness. For my wife and I, the biggest smiles of the day were from watching Java, our cat, leap and scream with excitement when we gave her presents to open. Yes, she's a cat. But an incredibly smart one. And she totally understands that the wrapped gift was for her, furiously sniffing and pawing at her gift, a toy mouse. At this stage of my life, expecting a gift means nothing to me, but instead, the vicarious pleasure of giving is what means the most to me.

To those of you who took time to read this, I wish you my best on this Christmas Day. I hope you got what you dreamed of having, and that you gave more than you got. That's what life should be all about.

Merry Christmas!