The Blob

Thursday, October 14, 2004

You broke it! You pay for it!

There are mistakes and then there are mistakes. Check out this link (and be sure to scroll down for the photos) for a really, really, really boneheaded screw-up. There are just some guys who never should swim in the gene pool...

Okay, so you won. Now what?

Admit it: sometime in your life, you've fantasized about winning the lottery. Schmucks like us (and that includes me) have wondered what it would be like to suddenly be $20, $30, even $100 million richer in the blink of an eye. If that should ever happen to you, remember this link. It's to an article that provides sound advice on what to do if you won. Otherwise, your life could end up like this guy.

Eye Candy

I came across a Web site from Hungary with stunning photos of nature. It's definitely worth a visit.

Think Big

You gotta hand it to Burt Rutan, the genius creator of SpaceShipOne, which recently became the first privately-built spacecraft and won the Ansari X-Prize. He makes coloring outside the lines a daily routine. While flush with success, he's only picking up his pace. His next stop: an orbital space vehicle.

In a very interesting article on, Rutan is already thinking of what will be:

“I predict in five or six years, the average kid is no longer just hoping and dreaming that he’ll go to space. He knows he will. He’ll at least take one of these suborbital flights that are flying every other day or every day here at Mojave.”

While initially expensive, flights into space will drop in price over time.

“I predict that within 10 years from now, maybe 12 years, kids will know that they will go to orbit in their lifetime. They will know they will … not just dream and hope.”

Turning his attention to the larger aerospace firms like Boeing and Lockheed Martin that offer pricey lines of boosters, Rutan offers free advice.

“They are thinking SpaceShipOne is a toy. That assumption is akin to the mentality of IBM in 1975. At that time, they believed people weren’t going to have cheap computers. Computers were mainframes, and they had to be complex and very specialized."

That was the view of IBM, he pointed out.

“IBM didn’t know in 1975 that they were going to build $700 computers for people and that they were going to build them by the tens of thousands. But then came Apple,and they had to.”

That being the case, Rutan made another prediction:

“Lockheed and Boeing will be making very low-cost access to space hardware within 20 years. They just don’t know it yet…because they’re going to have to.”

That's thinking big. It's why Burt Rutan is so essential: he sees what the rest of us cannot or don't dare to. Reach for the stars, Burt. Reach for the stars.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The end of the world is coming soon!

At least I'm pretty sure. I've been keeping an eye on Mt. St. Hellens via a Webcam, and came across this photo of a giant mutant fly from Hell.

Now, you're probably telling yourself, "What a bozo - it's just a damned fly on the lens."

Right. You can't fool me. That fly is actually 3,000 feet long and came directly from the depths of Hell via Mt. St. Helens. Think about it for a second. If he starts multiplying, we're finished! Finished I say! We gotta get our hands around this problem and pronto! If we can't fashion a giant fly swatter or nuke 'em, it could get ugly. I mean real ugly.

Got Raid?

Smells like Monster Mash

Just in time for Halloween, some clever souls have created Smells Like Monster Mash, a mash MP3 tune mixing Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit with Bobby Boris Pickett's Monster Mash. You can download the whole set, along with CD cover art, here.

Is this a great world or what?

Live from Camp Cupcake

It had to happen. Someone by the name of Martha has started a blog on her experiences living at Camp Cupcake, the women's Federal prison that's the new home of home makeover maven Martha Stewart.

Do you think she'll publish a recipe for that delicious file cake or hacksaw bread?

Spam I actually like

Leave it to the people at to find spam that was actually worth reading. Snopes, the great debunker of Internet myths and urban legends, posted Son of Spam, a humorous poke at the Nigerian scam spam emails composed of a greatest hits of all the junk that crowds our email inboxes. Composed of everything from penis enlargement offers to software for harvesting email addresses and everything in between, Son of Spam is hilarious.

Thank God there are some smart people with too much time on their hands. It's a must-read.

God vs. the Supreme Court

I couldn't help but notice that the Supreme Court is reviewing the Ten Commandments. Okay, not exactly. They're actually reviewing the legality of having the Ten Commandments displayed on government land and buildings. But I couldn't help but to find the humor in it. Imagine if you will, the Supreme Court overruling God and striking down the Ten Commandments. I don't know about you, but things might get a bit ugly. You just don't want to piss off God. You never know what she might do.